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I've been cleaning carpets professionally for almost 33 years  and Have a passion for giving the customer VALUE FOR MONEY !

The system i use is by far the most advanced compared to the average carpet cleaner, which is why my customers come back every time they need a carpet cleaned.

A customer recently said 'we've used 2 or 3 other carpet cleaners in the past but none have returned the results that you have' .

There are many companies cleaning carpets, but very few have any formal training or experience and can give our industry a bad name. We are an insurance backed company, giving a 5 star service for 3 star prices. I strive to give you the very best and invite you to recommend me to your friends.

Why do i give better results?

I use one of the most powerful carpet cleaning systems in the world. My experience and knowledge tells me what works and what doesn't. When we visit your home our thoughts are not on how quickly we can get the job done, but rather how well we can do it.

It only takes some cleaning fluid and a cloth to clean your kitchen, but the same tools in the hands of the inexperienced such as a child will not return the same result it's exactly the same with carpet cleaning.

My aim is to obtain the best possible result every single time we carry out a job, so that our customers are thrilled to use our service.

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the work we carry out we will re-clean the item/s totally Free of Charge, and if you're still not happy we'll refund your money in Full for those items.

A Reliable & Trustworthy Cleaning service!

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Fully Insured

Experienced technician

Moneyback guarantee

Carpets 'Power vacuumed' as well as cleaned

Credit/debit cards taken

Convenient appointments available

Externally vented machinery

Furniture moved as required

Upholstery cleaning specialists

Powerful Truck-mount equipment for outstanding results

Dave's carpet cleaning offers standards of cleaning seldom offered by its competition.

Superior equipment gives much faster drying times, eliminating the risk of mould growing in your furnishings.

FREE Onsite written quotations, so you know exactly how much your cleaning is going to cost.

If your furnishings are looking tired, spotty or stained, don't despair we can restore them to their former glory.

The most important part of carpet cleaning is 'Power-Vacuuming'

This entails slowly vacuuming your carpets with a powerful industrial vacuum cleaner.

80% of dirt and soiling in your carpets is loose soil, so thorough vacuuming is the best way to remove it. It stands to reason that if water is used to clean your carpets then all we're going to do is make mud if the loose soil is not removed first.

Next we inspect all the fitting (including door bars etc) the carpet needs to be secured so that we can guarantee no shrinkage, if any refitting of the carpet or gripper is required then we are only too happy to do this for you at a small extra charge.

Spots and stains are addressed before cleaning commences, if left, cleaning can 'set' certain stains making them unremovable.

The whole of your carpet is then treated with a suitable pre-wash chemical, this loosens the dirt in and between the pile. Sometimes agitation is required if the carpet is really dirty.

The next step is to 'Steam-Clean' the carpet, flushing away all the loose soil, bacteria & allergens. High pressure 'Steam-Cleaning' cleans much deeper into the carpet than other systems and is by far the most thorough.

The carpet may or may not be then groomed, leaving the 'pile' to set just like a new carpet.

Foil protectors are placed under furniture legs where necessary because some items of furniture can leave un-removable marks on a damp carpet.

Your carpets are now clean and smelling fresh and will soon be dry.


Tel: 01905 930214 for a FREE quotation Now!

     Commercial No Problem

Do you Have Animals?

Pets are great, we have several ourselves and therefor know they're part of your Family, but sometimes they have their little accidents.

Don't worry we'll come to the rescue cleaning away their little indiscretions so you'd never have known they'd been there.

'Steam-Cleaning' not only cleans but also sanitises leaving your furnishings clean and Safe.

End of Tenancy  

The most important part about ending a tenancy is getting your deposit back. Hiring a machine and attempting to clean the carpets yourself can end up being a nightmare. Use too much water and mould may set in the base of the carpets causing them to smell and end up needing replacement.

Using the wrong chemical for a stain can permanently set it and leave you with a hefty bill from your landlord. Just leave it to a professional.

Smells and Odours

A thorough clean of your carpets or soft furnishings can remove nasty smell or odours. Usually a 'Steam-Clean' will be enough to remove even the nastiest of problems. If the worst comes to the worst we have special de-odorisers an sanitisers that we can employ and add to the cleaning mixture.

Hard Floors

That kitchen floor may look clean once it's been mopped, but just take a damp white cloth and give it a quick rub over the floor, you'll soon know for sure just how clean it is.

Fear not we can clean and sanitise your hard floors using our special cleaning equipment.


Your bed Mattress can be 'steam-cleaned' using anti allergy, child safe, pet safe fast drying solutions. Dead skin is removed, dust mite faeces, mould spores and dust particles is removed making the place you sleep safe in you home. The health benefits of this amazing service are well known

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